About us

IPCI Providing a strong voice and protecting the rights of independent professional contractors in Ireland


  • Present to government, industry and the public a clear and positive view of professional contractors
  • Provide an ideal legal and professional framework in which professional contractors can thrive and feel legally secure;
  • Support members by creating an environment that allows them to grow within the economy
  • Provide members with access to relevant services, including education, literature and news updates.


The objectives for which IPCI has been established are:
1. Uphold and defend the right of all eligible to engage in the labour market as free and independent contractors, and to be fully and unambiguously recognised by the government, revenue and regulators as independent contractors;
2. Engage in lobbying and public debate to ensure that the Irish community is constantly reminded that freedom is indivisible, and that if rights to engage freely in the labour market are impaired or denied, then the rights of all citizens to live in freedom will be at risk;
3. Take advantage of opportunities to entrench within the law the distinctions which the courts, over many years, have made between employment and contract in labour market relationships;
4. Do all such other things as the association or the committee shall think instrumental or conducive to the attainment of the aforesaid objects.
General information
Who are independent professional contractors?
Independent professional contractors are not employees. They want to be free to work flexibly and efficiently in their own time, and in ways that best suit them, to achieve the required result.
What do independnet professional contractors want?
  • Expectation that they will achieve reward and the right to have their status as workers under ‘contracts for services’ determined only by the authority of independent courts ruling within historically established legal principles.
  • The right not to have their legal status violated by bureaucrats, regulators and parties with vested interests in ways that force independent contractors to become employees.
  • The right to business tax and legal treatment as applies to all entities working under contracts for services, and not to be artificially forced into employee-type tax and legal treatment. Within these rights, independent professional contractors accept that they work within business regulatory regimes that involve obligations to treat their contract parties with fairness and justice within the law. In turn, those same business regulatory and legal regimes must provide independent professional contractors with key, effective protections which deliver fairness and justice under the law in a way not available to employees.

Independent professional contractors:

  • Reject the claim that “employment” regulation is the only form of protection available to workers who supply their labour.
  • Deliberately seek out contractor status, in the full knowledge that it involves business risks (not taken by employees), in the confidentd success in their own business (not available to employees). Freedom Workers must not be denied the right to choose freely between the two working options of being an independent contractor or an employee.